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What is the environmental impact
of IT equipment?

of CO2 emissions
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The digital sector is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions

by train
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Manufacturing one server generates a carbon footprint equivalent to travelling 443,686 km by train

of raw materials
0 kg

600 kg of raw materials are used to manufacture a 2kg laptop.

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Currently, there are 347 million tonnes of unrecycled electronic waste on the planet.


In 2023, more than 61.3 million tonnes of electronic waste were generated worldwide.


In 2021, 8.7% of WEEE produced was IT and telecommunications equipment.


The electronic waste recycling market was valued at $54.6 billion in 2023.


Understanding the ecological impact of digital technology

To understand the ecological impact, we need to look at the three main stages of digital consumption, each having a significant environmental impact.
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The manufacturing of digital devices accounts for up to 80% of the impact, including the extraction of raw materials and water consumption during production.

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The use of digital technology leads to greenhouse gas emissions and significant energy consumption, especially due to maintaining data centers.

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The end-of-life management of IT waste poses major challenges, including the release of toxic substances, soil, and water pollution.


Choose Circular Economy

The circular economy helps reduce the problem of electronic waste by promoting reuse, recycling, and responsible disposal of electronic products, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable resource management. Switch to responsible digital!

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When should you call us?

At WeeeDoIT, we offer personalized support for your IT infrastructure, with services tailored to each stage of the life cycle of your IT equipment and your company’s strategy. If you are in one of the following situations, WeeeDoIT can help:

If you have equipment you no longer need, WeeeDoIT offers a turnkey solution for their valuation. From the initial audit to on-site logistics, through secure data erasure, remarketing, or recycling, we manage every step. Our approach allows you to efficiently decommission your obsolete equipment while complying with WEEE environmental standards.
Once your equipment’s warranty expires (EOSL), our expert team is here to ensure their third-party maintenance and repair, thus extending their lifespan and optimizing your initial investment. By using our services, you reduce both your costs and your environmental footprint, while enjoying total peace of mind.
If your equipment no longer meets your performance needs, our experts can evaluate your infrastructure and suggest upgrade or replacement solutions to ensure optimal performance for your business. This may involve simple upgrades, adding disks, or changing equipment. In this case, we can offer you refurbished equipment and buy back your old equipment to reintroduce it into the circular economy.
WeeeDoIT can assist you during your migration to cloud and more efficient, flexible virtualized environments, which can reduce costs while improving resource management. Once your migration is complete, we take care of giving your equipment a second life.
If you have a temporary need for additional capacity, we can rent equipment and provide a quick and flexible solution to meet your processing power or storage needs.
As a partner committed to fighting climate change, WeeeDoIT can help you achieve your carbon emission reduction goals. All WeeeDoIT services come with a certificate of avoided carbon footprint. Our calculation methodology is reviewed and validated by EcoInfo (a CNRS service group). This certificate represents proof of your commitment and can be shared in your certification files, CSR reports, and with your clients.


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